In a day and age when big box stores are pushing through thousands and thousands of the same item it's hard to find that unique gift for someone you love. Sure you could buy a custom pillow or mug,  or some other trinket that will sit around the house and be appreciated only rarely, or you could spend some time and design a custom embroidered cap that the receiver will wear and enjoy daily.  

This article will help you navigate the purchase of your new gift

 Choosing the right hat.

Sure, there are dozens of different styles colours and brands of caps. Are you looking for a snapback? Are you looking for a flexfit? Are you looking for a trucker cap? You don't necessarily need to narrow in on just one of these types, quite often you'll find that these different styles are all available in one cap. So let's take a look at some of our options …


So, what is a snapback? Snapbacks are one of the most common types of closures that a cap can have. It's essentially 2 plastic pieces one with holes and one with knobs the snap together this allows for the adjustment of the size of the hat quite easily. So when we refer to snapback we're talking mainly about the closure type in the back of the cap.


Fitted caps are caps that have a pre determined to size. These sizes are usually in small/medium and large/extra large. Generally 2 sizes are enough to cover most ranges of head sizes. There is no clasp or buckle or snap or any other moveable connection in the back of the cap...they arefitted to your head with an elastisized band that is part of the cap, and goes around your head.

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop caps are the generic name for Velcro. As you can imagine this is standard cap with velcro fastener at the back to adjust the size.

Buckle Caps

Buckle caps are caps that have a sliding buckle that is usually has cotton material that forms the adjustable portion of the back of the cap. These are traditionally found on what we call dad caps or dad hats.

Now that we've covered the different connectors or connectors or sizers for the back of the cap the other important there are other important things about caps when selecting that you need to be aware of.

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are caps that have the mesh from halfway on the sides all the way through the back of the cap. Trucker caps can be snapbacks, they can be buckles, they can be fitted but a trucker cap always has a mesh backing.

 Dad Caps

Dad caps are caps that are generally made out of cotton, they have a curved bill and they are 6 panels. Dad caps make a fantastic look to most casual events or outings or for everyday use.

Flat Brim Hats

Flat brimmed hats are exactly what it sounds they sound like. The brim of the hat is flat instead of curved like a traditional baseball cap.

In addition to all the different types of brims, structures, panels, and closures.... there are many combinations of all of these. For instance you could have a flat brim trucker cap that has 6 panels, or you could have a curved brim trucker cap with 5 panels, or you could have a enclosed wool cap with a flat brim and 5 panels or 6 panels.....the combinations are pretty much endless.

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