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All caps include front embroidery and all setup charges!

About Us

Since 2016, Custom Caps Canada has been providing embroidered caps in Canada through online. We launched for our US market, since we are right in Niagara Falls, dealing with our neighbours to the south is like second nature! We've built systems and processes that allow our small company to provide BIG SERVICE!

We specialize in one-off embroidered caps, and low run embroidered hats for small businesses

Using only the latest in commercial embroidery equipment, we deliver a great final product with an exceptional price. Cap Nerd USA does not charge setup fees, nor do we charge additional fees for extra thread counts. 

Our client satisfaction rate is through the roof! [toot toot] (ya, that was us tooting our horn.

Typically, our small shop turns around product in 5-7 days, and your caps are delivered safely and securely with a tracking number by USPS. 

The person you talk to on the phone, via email or text, will always have a hand in the complete process of your job. 

As a small family owned business ourselves, we understand that when you order online from us, you put a great deal of faith in us doing what we say. Integrity, is not only something we understand, but it's something we operate our business under. If you aren't happy, we will make it right.

Robert, Tara and staff

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